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Quality + Style In Equal Measure

Our team works hard every season to bring you the Paraffin collection. We are known for offering a wide range of collections from casual wear to dressy wear and are always looking at expanding the clothes that we offer. Our team of experts studies the newest trends to bring our customers the latest fashion. We can work from our designs from scratch and bring your unique designs to life. We are committed to quality and ensure every product is designed and developed to the highest quality. Our attention to detail ensures we can offer you trimmed shirts, classy formalwear, edgy designs & unique fabrics.

Paraffin GroupParaffin Group

Why Paraffin?

At Paraffin, we use market intelligence gathered from across the globe, to develop on-trend and commercially viable products for men’s fashion apparel markets worldwide. We supply market leading retailers and wholesalers across the world with a range of private label branded products.

We help take care of everything and bring your vision to life. Our Services include:
– Product Development.
– Fabrics & trim sourcing.
– Pack development.
– Pattern development.
– Size chart grading.
– Sample development.

We offer:
-Custom fabrics.
-Quality control inspections.
-Branded labels & tags.
-Branded packaging.

Paraffin Group

Our Collection

At Paraffin Manufacturing our extensive collection ranges from casual wear to formalwear and includes our brands Scott Ellis, Lloyd and Jefferson, Carbon Clothing, and also the Paraffin brand. We can make products for your own brand also. Each season we study trends to bring our customers high-quality clothing mixed with a trendy style. We take care in what we produce and we pride ourselves in our attention to detail which can be seen in our brand galleries.

Paraffin Group

attention to detail

We take care in every thread of our clothing, making sure that we deliver the highest quality clothing to our clients. Our team works hard every season to study emerging trends so that each of our brands reflects the evolving style of each season. We only use the highest quality materials in our clothing and this is evident in the longevity and quality of our products.

Some of our finishes include:
-Screen Print
-Print on print
-Mold injection
-Rubberized Print

Paraffin Group
Paraffin Group
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